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The HONEXT® Panel is the next-generation fiberboard, fully recyclable, non-toxic and entirely made from upcycled waste fibres. Today, HONEXT®️ uses as main raw material the sludge waste from paper mills, the volume of which continues to increase as paper recycling rates grow. Only in the EU, paper mills generate more than 7 million tons of this waste every year, which eventually ends up in landfill.

With competitive mechanical and thermodynamic properties for the application in the interior built environment, HONEXT® panels have no added VOCs, they are Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified and Material Health Silver Certified. They have greater sound absorption properties than traditional building materials and they are resistant to moisture, water vapor and fire. Their current reaction to fire is class C-s1,d0, reaching B-s1,d0 in Q1 2022.

They are manufactured through the carbon-neutral, bio-based industrial HONEXT® process, which is resin-free, zero-waste and reinforces the bonds between cellulose fibres.

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