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Faced panels are the perfect material for creating bespoke interiors or customized furniture. Colour is a popular trend in the world of fashion, design and interior architecture. Colours directly affect our mood. For example, we are familiar with the calming effect of green and blue and the activating effect of yellow and orange. At the same time, you can create optical effects in a room with colour. The Ovatta collection by DecoLegno resonates this tendency, with its matt texture in twenty-three unique colours.

The Ovatta colours are unique and specially developed for Cleaf by the Milanese design studio Milo. The palette ranges from burgundy to peach pink, from midnight blue to bottle green, and from warm chocolate brown to honey yellow. They can be combined with each other, but also with other Cleaf structures such as luxurious marble (Talco), sturdy terrazzo (Concreta) or natural wood (Corteccia).

Customization is the way to personalize an interior. The space is optimally used, while creating a unique interior at the same time. The design can be tailored so it exactly fits on walls, ceilings and even on sloping rooflines. Imagine a floor-to-ceiling wall closet, a multifunctional wardrobe in which a guest bed is incorporated or a bathroom furniture in a timeless cement gray with a hint of green.

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