Hyperrealistic concrete

Grupo Bondi

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- story by MaterialDistrict

With this material innovation, cast concrete takes on the surprising materiality of a soft cushion or Ottoman. Created by pouring concrete into flexible moulds with fabrics, Grupo Bondi has innovated a patented technology to create fluid, fabric-like materials intended for outdoor use.

While these materials may initially appear to belong in a living room, they are in fact more suitable for outdoor use – garden furniture design in particular. The designers have used their flexible cast concrete technology along with laser engraving to create a number of seating forms – such as the ‘m.bench’ and the ‘buenos aires bench’ – that appear like soft pieces of ‘french-styled’ interior furniture, but have the strength and durability of concrete. Grupo Bondi’s bench designs include anodised aluminium holes within the cast concrete for water drainage and cast iron legs.

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