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Inconspicuous Matter

MARCQ Celine

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Inconspicuous Matter is a material research project that aims to develop responsive materials for future ambient displays, which would make it possible to visualize electrical energy flows. Considering textile and material design as a sensitive interface for reflection and thoughtful participation, the aim of this project is to visualize electrical energy flows, consequently demanding the viewers’ attention and potentially generating their awareness. The final outcome is an electro reactive material whose graphics are changing colours when electricity is going through. This colour change is made possible though the use of an electro reactive material specially engineered for this project. Combining conductive and electro reactive technologies, this material turns the invisible into something tangible for the user. The plain material has a size of an A3 sheet. Integrated into paper or another type of material the size is not limited. This material is a handmade prototype, for indoor use only.

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