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Stratificato Print HPL


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Stratificato Print HPL is a compact grade high pressure laminate, available in different thicknesses, decors and finishes with either one or both faces decorated. The material is homogeneous, of high density, and resistant to wear and vapor. The compactness of Stratificato Print HPL provides a combination of mechanical properties such as flexural, tensile, compressive and impact strength. The core is made of layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with phenolic resins; the surface by one or more layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with thermosetting resins, providing the decorative function. It can be supplied in either a standard or flame retardant F1 version. Natural variations in temperature and humidity have no adverse effect on the physical and mechanical properties. The product undergoes a moderate dimensional variation due to the effects of natural phenomena: it contracts in low humidity and expands in high humidity environments. Stratificato Print HPL is available in a wide range of colours and designs.

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