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Inducon is a condensed PUR-foam which has a new physical characteristic and is available in the form of rolls or slabs. The thickness and volume weight of the material is subject to very narrow tolerance limits which are essential in the new foam materials. Depending on the ratio and the quality of the foam used, it is possible to adjust the CLD or shore hardness, inter laminar strength, tensile strength and breaking elongation of the material. The foam has a homogenous and 100% open-cell pore structure. With a porosity of 80 PPI, this so-called filter foam, has absorption and distribution characteristics which make it specially suited for the storage of ink or endorsing ink. By soaking (impregnation), a special process technique, the material can be made oil repellent (oilophob) or water absorbing (hydrophilic). The foam materials are dyed in the same process. In addition, it avoids the yellowing of aromatic polyurethane’s usually caused by UV light radiation. In the so called “coating” procedure, foam is coated with polyurethane or acrylate etc., and as a result it meets a wide range of demands such as surface sealing, coloration, haptic or acoustic characteristics. Special surface structures such as surface cracking in leather can be achieved.

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