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Langotec is a range of technical textiles; The material is made of c-glass, e-glass, aramide, silicate and carbon. It can be produced in dimensionally-stable sleeves and tapes.
Dimensionally-stable textile sleeve with built-in helical heating cable. Temperature controlled adjustment prevents the freezing of fluid systems.The helical structure ensures even temperature emission.Ductile yet dimensionally stable. Lango®tube is a braided and woven sleeve for various reinforcement and insulation applications.
Langotape and Multitape can be made in high-tech fibres such as silicate, stainless steel, p-aramide or other fibres suitable for multi-axial reinforcement and insulation applications.
Langotube-C is a braided glass fiber sleeve with polyurethane, silicone rubber, self-extinguishing silicone resin or acryl coatings for reliable and long-lasting electrical and thermal insulation.
Braided and woven sleeves in c-glass, e-glass, aramide, silicate and carbon for various reinforcement and insulation applications. Material: e-glass, c-glass, aramide, silicate, carbon.Applications;Medical technology
Fibre-reinforced plastics, Shipbuilding etc

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