Isolcell and Isolkenaf


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This Isolcell soundproofing and thermal materials are manufactured of recycled paper. For strengthening purposes a certain quantity of polyester fibres is added together a natural fireproof ingredient.

Isolkenaf is composed of kenaf fibres which come straight from the cultivation, with the same ingredients added for strength and fireproofness.

Kenaf fibres and recycled paper contain no protein substances and as a result it is not necessary to carry out any treatment against insects, such as moths or beetles.

Both materials are fully recyclable and are available in rolls of felt of different thicknesses from 25 kg/m3 and in panels of higher density, 40 and 80 kg/m3.

The materials are suitable for soundproofing and thermal insulation problems, whether on walls, floors or for roof insulation. No special treatment is required when handling, its use is clean without producing any dust.

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