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Purebond hardwood plywood

United States

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This hard plywood material is manufactured without any added formaldehyde. Columbia replaced the traditional Urea formaldehyde hardwood plywood construction with non-toxic, soy-based PureBond®.
The material is even more water resistant than UF panels – approaching the requirements for Type I, or their waterproof performance.
The soy base adhesive is based on the work of Dr. Li, a professor at Oregon State University’s College of Forestry, He discovered that mussels adhesive powers come from their secrete proteins known as byssal threads, which provide superior strength and extraordinary flexibility.
Dr. Li discovered that soy proteins can be modified to perform similarly to byssal threads. And not only did they deliver phenomenal adhesion, they also offered exceptional water resistance.
The hardwood plywood can also be specified using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials,

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