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Jelly Tiles

Keiko Oyabu

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Jelly Tiles are designed by Keiko Oyabu from Japan, living in Turkey. Jelly Tiles are colourful, transparent and soft tiles made of polyurethane gel (Technogel). The tiles have a wave shape on them. The transparency of the tiles makes them a decorative addition to transparent or semi-transparent surfaces like glass. The tiles are adhesive in the back. Jelly tiles can be applied to any smooth and shiny surface. The Sticky back part allows tiles to be applied easily and to be taken off the surface to allow multiple changes in the decoration. Polyurethane gel which has a controllable softness allows the tiles to be used for safety reasons for elderly and for children. Dimensions are 125x125mm, thickness is 11mm.

’Mettre une Rose Douce’ is a spin-off of the Jelly Tiles. These semi transparent, soft tiles with the shape of a rose are also made of polyurethane gel. The properties are the same as the other Jelly Tiles, except for the size (450x450x20mm) which makes it possible to sit on a rose. The smaller rose, ’Rose Douce’ (Sweet Rose), measures approximately 125x125mm. This variation does not have the squared outline like the other tiles and can be used fixed on top of other materials.

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