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G&G Metalspray is a coating made of genuine metal. The different colours are achieved by the usage of the different metals of which the coatings are made of. The metalspray that is applied has the same properties as the metal sort. This way a bronze coating will oxidise with exterior use and then show the green properties of bronze. Thus sprayed objects look and feel like metal objects, except for the weight. G&G Metalspray consists of a binder, an activator and metal powder. These ingredients have to be mixed right before application.

G&G Metalspray offers a range of 7 different metals:
– Aluminium
– Brass
– Stainless Steel
– Copper
– Iron
– Bronze
– Zinc

Suitable materials to spray this coating on are:
– Polyester
– Metal
– Plaster
– Synthetic material
– Wood
– Concrete
– Glass

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