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Jointless Bricks


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St. Joris manufactures glazed bricks, using a German Westerwalder Clay. A single-firing process at 1.200 °C sinters fragments with the glaze. After drying the glaze is applied and then baked once. During production, the clay composition, the shape of the products and the thickness of the glaze are constantly monitored. Coarse ceramic, vacuum-pressed facing and hand forming methods combine to form a high body density. The glazing also results in a façade which is frost-resistant, self-cleaning and anti-graffiti. St. Joris has its own laboratory in which new colours and possibilities are developed. Sizes are available to a maximum of 440 mm. Standard sizes and colours exist, but custom-made products make up the majority of the manufacturer’s business.

The jointless brick creates a new type of façade by removing the mortar joint. Only lines are visible on the building’s exterior creating a more glazed, even façade.

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