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Kafee consists of coffee powder with bean relief structure on a carrier material. It has an intense fragrant of coffee.

The thickness of coating is variable with a max. 2.0 mm. The carrier board consists of HPL 1.1 mm according to EN 438, and the size of the boards is 3050 x 1320 mm (10 × 4.3 ft).

Storage advice: In dark rooms the coating Kafee may build a white layer out of mold mycelium due to its own residual moisture and due to contained spores. This film is harmless. It occurs only in storage situation. The mycelium doesn’t affect other products. Just clean the coating before delivery and application. As soon as the coating is applied on walls or furniture there is no more risk of mould because of the room ventilation and the brightness of daylight. The mycelium is no product fault but confirms the use of real and ecologic raw materials!

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