Flexzorb activated carbon cloth


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Flexzorb is 100% activated carbon cloth and is more effective at adsorption compared to other carbon loaded materials which have a lower activated carbon content. The material is available in woven and knitted formats and can also be tailored to your requirements by various activity levels, weights and thicknesses. In addition to this, value added composites can be created by laminating the cloth to other materials or impregnating the cloth with chemical treatments.

The cloth has a microporous structure which results in rapid adsorption kinetics and the capability to adsorb to a higher level of purity. It is also suitable for use in applications where there is a high humidity as its adsorption capacity is less adversely affected by moisture. The activated carbon cloth can also be custom-manufactured to comprise a mesoporous structure to adsorb larger molecules if required.

Due to its microporous structure, Flexzorb activated carbon cloth has an extremely large surface area. 1 g of the activated carbon cloth has the surface area of over half the size of a football pitch. This, combined with the strong electrostatic forces within the cloth, enables the cloth to be highly efficient at adsorbing both liquids and gases.

Flexzorb has been tested by the UK’s Health Protection Agency and have been proven to be both antiviral and virucidal (when tested against surrogate virus MS2-Coliphage). It can be used in defense, industrial, and medical applications.

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