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This material is a third generation natural fibre composite which, via a innovative process, combine’s the properties of natural fibres and plastics. The materials offer new possibilities to manufacture environmentally friendly injection molding or extrusion molding composite products.
The natural fibre composites offers a range valuable properties. The material can be extensively customized to the requirements of a single end product. The material complies with all environmental requirements.
The natural fibre reinforced composite granulates are available based on PP, ABS, PS, POM and biodegradable PLA matrix.
Kareline® PPMS:
PPMS COW and PPMS EC are suitable for a wide variety of applications e.g. indoor and outdoor furnitures, decorations, tools, interior design and technical applications eg. in automotive or telecom industries.
Kareline® ABMS
suitable for technical applications e.g. in automotive, telecom or electronic industries, covers, tool and knive handles, but also for decorative parts, furniture and interior design
Kareline® PSMS
gives a natural appearance to products in applications where no extreme mechanical properties are needed but where surface quality, outlook or accurate dimensions are desired features e.g. in packaging of cosmetics and jewellery, in decorative items and swatches.
Kareline® POMS
suitable for technical applications, where surface quality, low-friction surface, high stiffness and good impact resistance are needed. Possibility to mould extremely thick walls without sink marks and dimensional accuracy/stability.
Kareline® PLMS
a 100 % biodegradable fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite. The reinforcing fibres notably improve the original characteristics of the bio plastic, such as injection moulding capability and mechanical characteristics; the reinforcement also increases the temperature range under which the end products can be used.

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