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Kaurit® Light technology


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BASF’s Kaurit® Light innovation is a simple technique to reduce particle board weight by up to 30%. These lighter boards are easier to handle and cheaper to transport, while also achieving high strength. This results in this wood-based material a lightweight solution for furniture and decorative applications.

The boards are manufactured as usual, on existing particle board systems. The wood-based material produced with Kaurit® Light contains about 15-25 kg of polymer beads which replace 200 kg of wood per cubic meter. These polymer beads are foamed and added to the middle layer. The density of the polymer is approximately 10% the density of wood.

The manufacturer lists further advantages such as the use of conventional materials in further processing, standard fittings and connections as well as established edge banding technologies. The particle boards can be recycled like standard particle boards. Various green certification levels are available, such as LEED, PEFC and FSC.

Applications are traditional furniture construction, furniture for use in moist rooms and tradeshow and commercial construction. The main advantage is the reduction of wood and energy consumption, as well as transportation and packaging costs. Standard level of quality is maintained.

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