Mother of Pearl Mosaics

United Kingdom

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The Mother of Pearl mosaics is a line of luxurious mosaics designed and supplied by Siminetti. They are sold around the world and have been used in luxurious private residences, hotels, super yachts and spas. The materials used are harvested from sustainable, eco-friendly sources.
Production of the mosaics relies on farm-sourced, sustainable materials. The individual tiles are cut from shell and pearl that has been discarded by the food industry. The shell is grown for a minimum of ten years before being harvested for it contents, which are used within the food and other associated industries. The discarded shell is then cut into the mosaics used in Siminetti products.

The mosaics are exceptionally strong and lightweight and being natural in production offer a unique luxurious finish. The Saltwater series and some of the Freshwater series are suitable for external use in cladding, swimming pools and other such areas.

The range is available in twenty colours and eight formats, from 25 mm squares to hexagons and even a polka dot shape. The mosaics are suitable as a finish in both wet and dry areas. A non-grouted variant is also available.

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