PIURO biodegradable leather


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This material is no longer available.

Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries is recognised as the world’s greenest tannery. The company has now released a leather innovation which should make a difference to every designer’s eco-friendly collection, called PIURO.
The manufacturer developed a fully green and biodegradable leather which is made from the best quality and freshest South-German bull hides. PIURO is naturally inspiring and suitable for use in eco-friendly top of the range products. As a pure aniline of the highest quality with no artificial coatings, , PIURO is a showcase for the best nature has on offer. Very little coating is applied, so the bull’s life is visible in the hide in the form of small blemishes and colourations. This is the charm but also the vulnerability of the product as it has minimal protection.
Natural varieties will occur, and each PIURO hide is unique. The PIURO collection has a range of 7 soft natural shades. Choices vary between the classic version (Classico), a soft version (Softo), a buffed version (Chico) or several prints.
The PIURO line is tanned with renewable vegetable products and no chromium tanning agents are used. By replacing chemicals with biodegradable products, organic leather is created.
Thicknesses are standardised at approx 1,3 mm, and customisation is available from 200 m2.

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