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Kedroplast is a composite wood material. The panels are composed of husk pine cones, pine nut shell and specially squeezed cedar resin used as a binder.

The wood panels do not use foreign chemical elements. The production is carried out so that all the beneficial and curative elements contained in the raw materials used are not exposed to harmful chemicals or processes. The healing qualities are kept in the final product.

During the manufacturing process and pressing of the Kedroplast tile, aromatic resins and essential pine oils are refined. This increases their concentration approximately ten times.

The panels get their name from the Russian for Cedar (Kedro). Cedarwood has long been used in the region for its healing powers, much like eucalyptus is elsewhere.

Kedroplast tiles are an exceptional novelty in the market of coating materials. They have a decorative appearance,  but their main advantage is the health benefit gained from using them in interior applications. Spas and saunas are recommended, as well as general use in the domestic environment.

The manufacturer states the panels can help to reduce fatigue, increase muscular efficiency, improve the mind’s clarity, and relieve irritability, asthmatic and allergic symptoms.

Panels come in various sizes, though standard production is 200mm x 250mm x 7mm. The panels can also be decorated on one side.

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