Ki-ori Tennâge


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Ki-ori Tennâge is a traditional woven textile from Japan. The Tennâge is slit into 2 mm pieces, and woven using the ‘Kyoto-Nishijin-ori’ technique.

The root of Kyoto Nishijin-ori goes back to some 1,200 years ago (AD 794), when it was woven as an extremely luxurious textile for the Imperial court nobles. The art of Nishijin-ori flourished, supported by the patronage of both the Imperial court and great Samurai lords. The weavers also continued to adapt to new technology. Today, you can see the art of Kyoto Nishijin-ori in the beautiful Japanese Kimono textile.

Tennâge is a patented wood veneer combining  nature and the latest technology. The Tennâge flexible wood veneer is slit into 2 mm pieces for use as a vertical thread. Horizontal threads can be silk, cotton, polyester or any other materials. By using Tennâge as a vertical thread, a wider fabric/textile can be woven with an automatic high-speed machine. By changing the material, colour and size of the horizontal thread, Ki-ori Tennâge can have a different look even when using the same wood species.

As this material is a textile, it comes in a roll. The width is approximately 1 m and the length can be as long as desired.

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