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- story by MaterialDistrict

Enjoying your espresso cup only lasts a few minutes, but comes with a sidestream, coffee grounds, some 80% of the used coffee! These coffee grounds get a new lease of life, however, for another 20 years as a seamless floor when mixed into a bio-based resin that can be processed at room temperature. It takes 50 espresso coffees for 1 sq.m of Coffee Floor material. The coffee experience continues, when walking on your coffee floor!

This seamless floor comes in a matte finish and has a closed and resilient surface. It gives a warm feeling and a unique colour and pattern coming from the coffee grounds. Touch of nature is a floor covering made with a resin based on linseed oil, and can be binded with vegetable granules and chips, such as cork granules, bark chips, wood chips, but also coffee ground and fruit residues like berry seeds or olive leaves, to obtain a range of colours and patterns based on nature. These liquid biobased formulations are based on agricultural sidestreams, curing at room temperature to give resilient seamless floors, panel coatings, tabletops, countertops and furniture surfaces.

Depending on the requirements Orineo can develop glues that are: permanent, temporarily rigid or resilient, water resistant or water soluble, biodegradable or non-degradable. The biomaterials developed by Orineo are grouped under the Touch of Nature brand.  In their range, Orineo proposes formulations for seamless floors, for table-tops, for furniture finishing and interior design. Next to branding, these developments are also protected by patent applications.

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