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- story by MaterialDistrict

Koukos de Lab developed the idea for a new material deriving from the final waste of the olive – a product massively found on the island of Lesvos. The Koukoutsi material can be used to manufacture furniture, objects and to coat surfaces and spaces, small or large, such as floors, walls and doors. Its durability, water resistance and easy application make it the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The material’s basic ingredients – the olive pip and the olive core – showcase various features in their primary form, prior to processing. The olive pip is solid, hard and comes in light hues, while the core is dark brown and can be easily cut. It can be crumbled up even with bare hands.

Koukoutsi consists of 80% of the final waste of olive oil production, now repurposed as a manufacturing material. The final result can be delivered either in matte or a glossier form.

You can download a 3Ds max file here, to use this material in your renders.

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