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Recell® is a sustainable, cellulosic resource which can – among others – be used for the manufacturing of biocomposite materials and serves as a feedstock for green chemistry. Supported by innovative technology, high quality third-generation material is generated from unused, complex cellulosic feedstock. Recell® is available as fibre, pellet or granulate.

It is the greenest alternative to fossil and virgin resources. Using Recell® in your materials yields a significant environmental impact: every ton Recell® used represents a reduction of 2 tons of CO2.

Recell® Compose adds valuable properties to a wide range of biocomposite building & construction materials, such as wall cladding, street furniture and insulation. It can also be used as a reinforcement for 3D printing materials.

Recell® Chem provides third-generation glucose DE95 for green chemistry, adding value to, for example, paints or coatings.


  • Circular and sustainable
  • 1 ton applied reduces 2 tons CO2
  • Low score on EC Indicator
  • Polished to meet off-taker quality and finishing
  • Stable supply

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