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Kova Textiles create uniquely textured solar window fabrics with vinyl coated polyester yarns and KovaLux proprietary filaments. When light passes through a Kova fabric, it dissolves into a diaphanous surface – sheer, yet not transparent – translucent, but not opaque. These textiles work well as wall hangings, room dividers or in any application where light, either natural or artificial, can pass through the fabric.

Kova Textiles was founded in 2004 by Libby and Greg Kowalski, a mother and son team of textile designer and design builder. With more than 20 years experience designing textiles, Libby Kowalski draws much of her inspiration from her family’s collection of crystal objects d’art. Prior to opening Kova Textiles, Libby researched and patented a water-clear polymer yarn that can be used commercially. Sparkling in the sunlight and reflecting incandescent light at night, her clear polymer yarn and textile patterns bring the glimmer of a crystal vase or chandelier to a flexible textile.

In addition to clear polymer yarns, Kova’s product line also incorporates coloured, opaque polymer yarns in a number of interesting fabric weaves and patterns that can be used for a number of different window and architectural applications. Kova offers four collections, each with its own specific textural and opacity characteristics. The Satin FR Collection is the most decorative group of fabrics. Woven on mill machinery, it features fabrics that combine a handcrafted look with the technological innovation of clear polymer yarn. The Sheer Collection was developed in response to the need for a lighter weight fabric for roller shades. The YaZa Collection responds to the need for slightly heavier fabrics for hotel and office environments and incorporates glints of silver, gold or copper, along with herringbone and Japanese-inspired basket weaves. The Plains Collection consists of three fabrics which can be used independently of the other fabrics, or in concert with them when more privacy is desired.

Kova fabrics pass the NFPA 701 test for flammability, are anti-microbial, demonstrate excellent lightfastness and are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Fabrics by Kova Textiles can additionally be encapsulated in glass and resin panels for vertical surfaces.

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