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Sefar Architecture is a high-performing line of interior and exterior fabrics that achieve light transmission rates of 90%. The transmitted light contains a high proportion of scattered light, providing balanced illumination and giving the impression that the fabric is a light source. Lightweight, UV-resistant and sound absorbing, these high-performing fabrics are an ideal material for tensioned fabric structures, retractable roofs and air inflated structures.

Sefar Architecture Interior is made with PVDF, a light transmitting fluropolymer deployed in photometric fabrics to achieve a high degree of diffusion of both artificial and natural light without colour displacement. The level of spectral transmission and reflection  achieved by these fabrics allows designers to achieve the high photometric requirements demanded in environments such as museums, showrooms, offices or public buildings. Translucent and opaque coatings create interesting additional effects while fabrics within this range target room  acoustics directly. Depending on the nature and size of perforations with coated fabrics or on the structure of the uncoated fabric, sound absorption in can be drastically improved by  using either a single or a double-layer construction within an environment.

For exterior applications, Sefar uses the unique textile PTFE, a high optical-transmitting fluoropolymer. In addition to having a high tensile strength and resistance to tearing, Sefar Architecture Exterior is permanently UV-resistant and colourfast, weatherproof, dirt- and water-repellent, non-absorbent and features optimised technical specifications for light transmission. In combinations with its low weight to surface rations and defined e-module values for warp and weft, Sefar Architecture Exterior is suitable exterior constructions such as large umbrellas, sun awnings, roof overhangs and façade adornments.

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