Aluminium chain links


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Kriskadecor proposes a light, durable, sustainable, and totally personalized alternative for interior design and architectural projects. Thanks to the versatility of the aluminium chains, the level of customization is so high that it facilitates their total integration in any project. The customer can choose colours, shapes, and dimensions, as well as fixed or mobile systems that are easy to install.

It is also possible to reproduce logos or icons, patterns, and images of all kinds. Likewise, due to the transparency of the links, the Kriskadecor solutions maintain the feeling of spaciousness and allow light and air to flow freely.

Cleaning and disinfection can be carried out using two protocols that respect the finish of the chains: the first consists of applying soap and water (pH up to 8), and then spraying them with a solution of alcohol and water (70-30%) that does not require rinsing. If you want to avoid chemicals, you can choose to use steam cleaners.

Material Properties