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Sustonable is made of recycled PET post-consumer plastics and natural stone. Post-consumer plastics are plastics that, after being discarded, are picked up, cleaned, and reprocessed at processing facilities, where they are converted into recycled plastics. This process allows the reuse of plastics and converts them into new products, reducing plastic waste in the environment.

Recyclability: using Sustonable material helps reduce plastic waste by recycling 100 PET plastic bottles per m2 fabricated.

No hazardous chemicals are involved in the production.

Minimum VOC: sustainable materials emit few or fewer toxins, such as Volatile Organic Components (VOCs). For example, the total VOCs for Sustonable material is 33 µg/m3. For obtaining the GREENGUARD CERTIFICATION, the maximum amount is 500 µg/m3.

Lowest energy consumption: according to Sustonable results, the APD is on average 67% lower than the traditional materials used for decorative surfaces (engineered quartz, solid surfaces, HPL, ceramics…). Sustonable ADP is 161 Megajoules (MJ), while the median is 537 MJ. In other words, Sustonable is saving more energy while producing the same amount of m2.

Lowest Carbon footprint: The carbon footprint of Sustonable material is 62% lower. The EPD for Sustonable is 11 kg CO2eq. It compares favourably to similar materials, which average 31 kg CO2eq. Hence architects, designers, retailers, distributors concerned about climate change and sustainability could use this material to improve their environmental footprint.

Low water consumption: Sustonable recovers 85% of the water used for production thanks to the water treatment equipment.

Sourced locally: the natural stone and the plastic bottles come from local sources, better for the environment.

One of the most robust surfaces in the market. Impact resistance: it does not break easily.

No chipping or cracking

Lightweight: can be transported easily because it is not heavy (depending on the application, for wall panelling it is ok, for a kitchen front, not that great).

Easy maintenance: very easy to clean.

No yellow shades after the time. Durable materialdoes not fade or decolourate or yellow.

Endless possibilities for printing: wood, marble type, stone, concrete, watercolour…

Personalised designs: you can have the design you like: your logo, an image…

It has a stone, robust feeling, not plasticky.

Sustonable is proud of being a recycled product, so they do not hide the “freckles” (yes, you may find some bits and pieces of recycled material in the slab, but they are cute).

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