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The Kuiperfoam panels are made using a glass-based foam, which is laminated between two layers of outer paneling. This paneling can consist of different finishing materials.

Foamed material is lightweight. This foam is an extremely lightweight composite sheet, consisting of a base of glass-fibre reinforced melamine or phenol resin.

The foam is developed by a German company especially for vehicle construction. This satisfies a demand for weight-reduction, resulting in a material which can be used in heavy industrial construction (such as railways), in combination with several lamination materials.

Various advantages are low weight combined with high stiffness and hardness. The panels are resistant to water, detergents and light acids. Further characteristics are heat-resistant, non-flammable, self-extinguishing and have little smoke development.

This factors ensure that the panels are usable for a range of marine environments, but can be used in more general purpose situations too, such as paneling, boards, stiffening elements and so on.

The foam is backed onto any of a range of materials, such as aluminium, steel, laminated plastic boards (Melamine & Phenol), synthetics, foils, glass fibre, textiles and veneers.

The result is an odour- and taste-free, non-toxic panel which is easy to bond. The foam itself is also electrically insulating.

Standard sizes are 1220 mm x 2440 mm, up to a maximum of 1220 mm x 3000 mm. The panels come in various thicknesses, from 2 mm to 30 mm. Density is approximately 210 kg/m3.

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