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L-SIM is a special developed hybrid composite sheet material with a three dimensional fabric look for decorative surfaces. L-SIM is based on a twill weave glass fibre fabric and has comparable structural properties. The glass fabric is coated with 99.99% pure aluminum giving the material a reflective and glossy appearance. The structural properties of L-SIM come out right in lightweight sandwich constructions with honeycomb or foam cores. L-SIM can be used as a curved surface with a minimum curvature radius of 10mm.
When used as one layer, L-SIM also has translucent properties. L-SIM is available in several colors.

L-SIM is manufactured with a woven glass fabric and an epoxy resin system with UV-stabilizers. It is highly resistant to most chemicals and fungi or bacteria. L-SIM is resistant to abrasion, UV-degradation and it withstands harsh cleaners, solvents, steam and boiling water. It also has a very high impact resistance.

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