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The Tec range of carpets by Carpet Concepts combines the look of hard flooring with a metallic brilliance, although it’s actually a carpet. The twisted yarn made of stainless steel threads reflects and breaks the beam of light. Underneath are warp and weft in blue, red, grey, brown, black or natural. The flat woven fabric generates stability. The brilliant patters are created by the metal of the pile thread. The Tec range comprises to sorts: Tec Pearl and Tec Wave, whereby the metallic thread in Tec Pearl is woven evenly spaced and in Tec Wave it is woven un-evenly to create a wave pattern.

Method of manufacturing: Woven, 2-row
Upper side structure: Loop pile or cut pile, figured Wilton, multicoloured
Delivery form: Approx. 200m
Top layer material: 100% PA
Backing/basic material: Polypropylene/polyester/glass fibre/cotton
Backing finishing: Fray-proof finishing, conductive
Wear/comfort class: Strong/high
Fire resisting behaviour: B1
GuT* check number: 15059

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