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FuturePrint is the name of a print film technique, whereby an image or pattern is transferred on a three dimensional object. The film is just 0.12 micron thick and hydro-soluble; it dissolves when placed in contact with a liquid, leaving the ink of the print on the object.
The main application for the printing technique is in the automotive and decorative industry. Rimms, steering wheeld, dashboards, spoilers, grills, emblems can be printed. Also house-hold appliances, mobile phones, personal products, computer cases can be printed to create an individual look. Larger parts for caravans and boats have also been printed.

Almost every three dimensional project which is fairly manageble with regards to weight and size can be printed with Future Print. The base material can be wood, ceramics, plastics, metal, gypsum, etcetera.

The main prints are:

natural-look prints (wood, marble, granite)
high-tech look (metal, carbon, brushed aluminum)
fantasy-look (many designs, also custom designs)

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