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Lumicor is a translucent material encapsulating textiles, etched metals, refined papers, and real botanicals. Lumicor products utilize materials and processes that can create slight color, pattern and texture variations that are inherent to the custom appearance of the product. Colors within the product may change over time and variations in dye lots may occur.
Lumicor is a translucent material embedding textiles, papers, metals, natural foliage, wood veneers, into a number of high performance acrylic resins. It is available in many thickness options between 1/16” to 1” and it can be used in flat sheet and molded application. In many cases Lumicor can be used in place of glass, plastic, solid surface materials, high-pressure laminate and wood. Lumicor is approximately half the weight of glass in the same thickness. It can be thermoformed, vacuum and drape formed into a wide variety of forms and shapes. Every product in the line can accommodate gradual simple curves. Some products can accept deeper 3 dimensional draws such as sink bowls. Each Lumicor product has it’s own unique thermoforming properties and will need to be tested for each application.
Lumicor can be fabricated with common woodworking tools. Table saws, jigsaws, routers, palm sanders, and files can all be used to work Lumicor.
the acrylic used in Lumicor products passes the following ASTM tests for use as a light transmitting plastic in chapter 26 of the UBC and IBC model building codes.
ASTM D 635 Must burn at a rate less than 2.5” / min. C2 or CC2 rating.
ASTM D 2843 Smoke density rating is less than 75%.
ASTM D 1929 Self-ignition temp must exceed 650 °F.
Additional materials used in Lumicor panels pass the test requirements for ASTM E 84 as follows:
Glass Class I Burn index 0 – 25, smoke developed index 450 or less.

Some of the uses include:
Table tops
Cabinet doors
Space division
Office work stations
Light diffusion panels
Retail Displays
Back-lit flooring
Wall surfaces
Molded sink bowls

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