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The Lasertec 5-axis laser technology makes possible the 5-axis laser texturing of geometrically-defined surface textures in free form surfaces. The Lasertec can also be used to cut or drill components in 5-axis. DMG can work with customers to develop texture patterns that can be executed up to 0.005mm precision. Textures can be applied directly to metal parts, or can be applied to a mold for injection molding of polymer materials. The Lasertec combines both milling and laser texturing in one setup, so it can completely shape and texture the mold from scratch.
Besides injection molding applications, this technology can be used to create precise tools with defined cutting edges without the need for post processing.
Lasertec has been used for precision cutting of maximum 6mm thick parts in 2D and 3D, including watch parts, stamping stencil, medical implants, electronic parts.
Lasertec equipment can accommodate surfaces up to 6m in size with their largest machine.

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