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Aerialite fabrics are woven glass fiber fabrics which can be combined with resin to create a lightweight, strong composite material.
Aerialite fabrics are designed for superior handling during the manufacturing process by improving wet-out (resin impregnation of the fibers) and clarity (reduce air bubbles.) These processing improvements also increase the laminate strength and provides a smooth, white surface in order to apply graphics.
Aerialite is originally developed for use in surfboards, and is available in a number of styles with slightly different physical properties.
The Aerialite product line consists of standard ” E” glass or high strength “S” glass fabrics sold in a variety of weights, constructions and widths.
Surfboards made from & quot; E” glass fabrics are produced in standard or warp enhanced constructions. The fabric is balanced and wets out well for typical glassing applications.
Boards made from high strength “S” Glass® fabrics are used by competitive riders for its added strength, durability and lightweight characteristics. These S-2 glass fabrics are also used by the US Military for ballistic protection in armored vehicles and vests.

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