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Barracuda Aluminized Fabric

United States

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Barracuda Aluminized Glass Fabric combines the look of metal with the functionality of traditional high performance glass fabrics. Barracuda is composed of woven glass fibers, available in multiple colors, and subsequently coated on one side with a thin layer of Aluminum. The metallic coating takes the fabric from its original satin finish to a brilliant, shiny metal surface.
Barracuda is easily moldable to complex shapes and when combined with the proper resin emulates the look of a shiny, 3D metal surface.
Barracuda fabric is strong, durable and lightweight. It has been used in products ranging from sporting goods to luggage, motorcycle helmets to kitchen appliances, dashboards to umbrella shafts. Barracuda is also fire resistant.
Barracuda is available in a 2×2 RH Twill weave with 18×18 ends/inch. The weight is 8.5 oz/sq yard with thickness of 0.0125 in.

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