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Stretch Maille


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This material is no longer available.

Stretch Maille is a flexible material which has an open structure which allows light and air transmission while providing visual screening and lighting effects. Stretch Maille is comprised of precision cut anodized aluminium alloyed rings and EPDM black rubber O-rings in a 6 in 1 chain maille weave (6 rings around every 1 ring) interlocked without welds (butted.) Stretch Maille provides good scratch resistance, 100%recyclability of the aluminium portion and aluminium portion is made with up to 60% recycled aluminium which complies with the LEED standard. The material is lightweight and is available in many vibrant anodized colours.

All of the Maille materials from SpathisPhilip Inc. can be customized with unique materials, colours, over 15 in house colours and many more available, patterns or images using colors or materials. The materials are seamless, with practically no seams visible. Some examples of integrating other materials to realize personal customization include metal scales are added to our maille to create Scale Maille, a metallic serpentine skin with as much flexibility as our stretch Maille, or small and large rings interlocked to create oriental maille.

The material can be used in many applications including:

  • Fashion: clothing, accessories, jewellery, inlays…
  • Theatre: costumes, curtains, light screens, back drop…
  • Lighting: shades, sculptural elements, light screens
  • Architectural: curtains, screen dividers, canopies, cascading water fall treatments, light columns

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