Latho Relief Panels


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Latho relief panels consist of an MDF base plate finished with a natural veneer, Alpi technical veneer or a foil. Using specially developed techniques, unique structures are applied to the panels.

Latho is built up on both sides of the panel with several layers of wood veneer or a technical Alpi wood veneer, which can be pressed in a wide variety of structures under high pressure. You can choose from a combination of carrier, veneer and structure. Finishing can be done with a lacquer, wax or oil to create the desired “look.” Ready-lacquered panels as well as tailor-made panels are possible. It is also possible to use just a primer and then spray Latho in any desired coloured.

A standard MDF is normally used as the base material. However, upon request, other sheet materials such as particleboard or plywood can be used. On request, plate materials with fire retardant and moisture resistant properties are possible.

The standard size of Latho is 2440 x 1220 mm, with other sizes available upon request. Standard thicknesses are 1.2 mm to 50 mm, with thicker panels available on request. In term of environmental performance, FSC is available upon request.

The unique structures of Latho are also available in a ready-made door panel. The door is equipped with the unique structure and finishing on both sides.

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