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This material is no longer available.

Ornament isn’t a crime if you see the combination of the hard properties of concrete with the softness of textiles created by the Tactility Factory. Architect Ruth Morrow and textile designer Trish Belford designed innovative processes by using patented technology, to deliver beautiful and sensually engaging surfaces.

Each surface finish has a unique, hand-crafted antique feel, despite being created using leading-edge technologies. The products can be tailored to enhance the potential of any built environment, without overpowering the concept or design of the space itself.
There is a selection of pattern and textile finishes that can be combined to provide visually appealing and tactile surfaces like:

Velvet and Concrete integrated surfaces – highly innovative, tactile and quite extraordinary. Bespoke designs and a range of forms are available. You have to touch it to believe it!

Stitched Concrete – fully integrated surface of stitching and concrete. All yarns are tested to survive in concrete and all are best understood when you can touch them.

Linen and Concrete integrated in one surface – designed and well made in Belfast.

There are standard panel sizes but it is also possible to produce larger sizes and custom-made forms. These panels can be used in a variety of ways.

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