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This material is no longer available.

Lava Tiles is a lava stone based line of products that combines new and traditional techniques to create unique wall and floor coverings. Cut lava stones tiles are hand glazed using a special painting technique and then fired at a high temperature. The result is a tile that combines a colourful finish similar to that of a ceramic with the strength, moisture resistance and thermal insulation properties that natural stone is known for.

An advantage of using lava stone is that while many other natural stones crumble or break under intense heat, it is possible to fire lava stone at high temperatures without causing any damage to the stone. This is because lava stone has already endured a stage of high temperature heating during the volcanic eruption in which it was created. The firing of the lava stone and special glaze results in a variety of colours including metallic greens and blues.

Lava Tiles are also available with a flower print that is created by combining a glazed and silk print on top of the lava stone and then firing the stone at a very high temperature.

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