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DuraPulp is a biocomposite mainly consisting of selected wood fibres and a bio-polymer called PLA (Polylactic Acid). The ingredients are from renewable, non-fossil based raw materials. This material comes from FSC and PEFC certified forests.

DuraPulp is produced at Södra’s pulp mill in Värö, Sweden, and is produced and delivered in big bales (200 kg). These bales can be converted by customers into a wide variety of products for different industrial applications. DuraPulp is white but it can be tinted during the converting process.

DuraPulp can be used in two different ways – activated or inactivated. When activated, by heat and pressure, the material becomes very strong, rigid, dimensionally stable and has low water absorption. DuraPulp has to be treated at a temperature of 170 – 190°C to be activated.

Examples of processes where DuraPulp can be used include moulding and thermo pressing.

In its unactivated state, DuraPulp is mainly of interest in the specialty paper area where, for example, it can impart high folding resistance, high tear strength and high dimensional stability.

Södra has made several items to demonstrate the potential of DuraPulp. The most well-known are the DuraPulp chair (Parupu) and the Dura Pulp lamp (W101).

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