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Panespol Kioto


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Panespol is a lightweight, resistant, hard wearing panel with a decorative design. These panels are manufactured in a mould and are hand-made. The Kioto design is inspired by loosely draped fabric.

These Panespol panels are basically made of polyurethane, which allows the panels to also seal and insulate the walls covered. A new polyurethane based formula makes the material less fragile than usual. Panespol provides a high density, without losing the lightness of polyurethane. Furthermore, this material does not propagate flames, melt or serve as a combustion base: it is a very stable product, which does not rot and is completely harmless in its normal state. The product is B2 fire certificated, thermal and water resistant.

Panespol panels can be completely customised. Panespol Kioto is suitable for interior and exterior use.

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