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The material Le Pavé® comes in panels made from plastic waste. It is certified safe, locally produced, recycled recyclable and fire-resistant. It is both versatile and offers an infinite amount of creative capital.

Most of the time, the material Le Pavé® is composed of 100% plastic waste; all of which is made possible by SASMINIMUM’s patented thermocompression technique and a meticulous work of identification and characterisation of the different wastes.

The material is the foundation of everything, it will determine the aspect, the ecological impact but also the performance when used in projects. Thanks to their sourcing and recycling partners available throughout France, Le Pavé® is the ideal material for interior design projects, as a worktop or covering for example.

With Le Pavé®, each panel is unique, the aesthetics are the result of a unique process, which, like marble or wood, allows the substance of the material to express itself. For each project, SASMINIMUM defines the proportions beforehand: density of the material, type of chips, proportion of the colours in their palette… then randomness does the trick!

It looks ideal for various applications: furniture, office desk tops, worktops, wall cladding… Through SASMINIMUM’s creations, they demonstrate that it is possible to match waste to building materials.

The properties of the material Le Pavé®:

Le Pavé® is a non-porous material. Its very smooth surface is guaranteed anti-stain and very easy to clean.

Produced in the mass, Le Pavé® is shock resistant, it can be sanded and repaired.

Le Pavé® is a material guaranteed for 2 years. It is constantly tested in independent laboratories.

Le Pavé® is a water-repellent material. Its smooth and clean surface does not allow liquids to penetrate.

With a palette of 12 colours, thousands of combinations are possible to customise the material.

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