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- story by MaterialDistrict

Leadax Roov is a solution for flat roofing. The roofing membrane is made with PVB film, a residual flow from safety glass, without a sustainable destination, of which no less than 1.5 billion kilos are available annually in Europe. The material is available in reflective off-white, which keeps the indoor temperature low, but increases the output of solar panels on the roof.

It is highly recyclable and has a much lower environmental impact than comparable flat roof solutions. After the expected lifetime of about 30 years, the product can be easily dismantled and then recycled and reused to make new products.

Leadax Roov is easily applied without using open fire or hot air. This makes it compliant with NEN-EN 13501-1 (NEN 6065). Also, the circular material for flat roofs is fire resistant (class Broof(t1)). This means that it is resistant to sparks being blown away by a strong wind, such as a nearby fire or flare.

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