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Discover the beautiful and unique collection of Smile Plastics made from 100% plastic waste such as plastic PET bottles, cutting boards and packaging material. Each sheet is unique and has its own design. Each sheet is made entirely from plastic waste, is moisture resistant, fully recyclable and easy to fabricate. Smile Plastics has 8 standard types, which consist of 3 types of materials, namely polystyrene (HIPS), PET, and Polyethylene (HDPE). Each type comes with a matte surface.

At MaterialDistrict Utrecht last week PyraSied showed 2 new designs from Smile Plastics: Cosmos and Spectra. Two designs created from PET packaging waste elements of Kaleido.

PyraSied is the official distributor of Smile Plastics. They have a large stock and that is why they can supply the material quickly. PyraSied has all types in stock. The sheet material is available in 12mm and 20mm in the maximum sheet sizes 3000x1200mm and 2000x1000mm.

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