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This beautiful and unique Smile Plastics® collection is made from 100% plastic waste such as PET plastic bottles, chopping boards and packaging material. Its sustainable nature cheers everyone up! Each panel is unique and has its own design. The material is water-resistant, fully recyclable and easy to work with. The Smile Plastics® range comprises eight types, each available in three kinds of material: high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), PET and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Smile Plastics offers you eight stunning options:

Kaleido is a colourful panel made entirely from PET bottles. This material has an extremely good fire rating (B2 according to the European standard EN13501), making it the only plastic that may be used in public spaces, such as airports. Kaleido is hard and rigid and completely moisture- and weatherproof.

Charcoal is made out of PET packaging material and is deep black with white flecks. Charcoal shares the same properties as Kaleido because it is made from the same material. Both types are highly suitable for tabletops and worktops, bar and counter fronts, furniture and splashbacks.

Ocean is the only translucent panel in the classic collection and, like Charcoal, is made out of used packaging materials. Ocean is a beautiful, deep-blue panel with small, coloured speckles; hence its name. Ocean has a wider range of applications because it can also be used in areas such as lighting, translucent partitions and furniture.

Alba is a white, marble-like panel with golden and silver flecks formed by the foil from yoghurt pots. Alba is rigid enough to be used as tabletops, furniture or in structures. The material is moisture-proof and reasonably scratch-resistant. Caution: because HIPS is a flammable material, it must be kept far away from naked flames.

The coloured Orca panels remind many people of a cross-section through cabbage, or of marble. They are made out of chopping boards and packaging materials. This is a food-grade material and therefore safe for use with foodstuffs. Orca panels are highly suitable for tabletops and worktops, bar and counter fronts and furniture.
Heron is a laminated panel in light grey tones with hints of yellow and black. The Heron blend with its unique, aesthetic colour palette will remind you more of the stately bird after which the design is named, than of its actual origins.

The inspiration for Grey Mist came from a walk in the hills of Wales – a rainy, grey world, beautiful in its simplicity. It is a colour that complements virtually anything without fading into the background.

Spectra is an illuminating product in every sense of the word. Made out of PET packaging waste with elements of Kaleido, the colourful energetic fragments of Spectra’s previous life form the core of this design.

Pyrasied stocks all eight Smile Plastics collections in 12 and 20 mm thicknesses, up to 3000 x 1200 mm sheets. Only full plates are available, but cutting services are offered. Residual waste is included. Pyrasied also processes panels for finished products. Smile Plastics, a semi-finished sheet, requires post-purchase processing.

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