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Green Cast® stand as the pinnacle of recycled acrylic perfection. Meticulously crafted from 100% pre- and post-consumer acrylic, Green Cast® acrylic inherits the esteemed qualities of cast PMMA, effortlessly outshining extruded acrylic in terms of optical clarity. A completely carbon-free manufacturing process powered by renewable energy. You can’t get more sustainable than that! Green Cast®.

With an extensive spectrum of colours and varying thicknesses, Green Cast® opens up an unparalleled canvas for architectural innovation. Its versatility extends to both colour and form, enabling architects and designers to explore all kinds of creative territories.

Green Cast® showcases the beauty of recycled acrylic while prioritizing sustainability. It’s also resistant to UV rays, combining sophistication with eco-consciousness.

  • 100% recycled acrylic
  • Circular material
  • 76% carbon reduction
  • Lots of colour options in the 10 collections
  • ISO 9001 certificate

Embrace a world of possibilities
Within Pyrasied’s range of offerings, Green Cast® presents a plenty of options. From crystal-clear variations ranging from 3mm to 20mm to an array of 25 captivating colours available in 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm thicknesses, Green Cast® thrives on customization. Are you in need of distinct thicknesses or surfaces? Pyrasied stands ready to provide tailored solutions for projects that defy convention.

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