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Discover Green Cast®: Where sustainability meets material excellence.

Green Cast® stand as the pinnacle of recycled acrylic perfection. Meticulously crafted from 100% pre- and post-consumer acrylic, Green Cast® acrylic inherits the esteemed qualities of cast PMMA, effortlessly outshining extruded acrylic in terms of optical clarity.

With an extensive spectrum of colours and varying thicknesses, Green Cast® opens up an unparalleled canvas for architectural innovation. Its versatility extends to both colour and form, enabling architects and designers to explore all kinds of creative territories.

Green Cast® showcases the beauty of recycled acrylic while prioritizing sustainability. It’s also resistant to UV rays, combining sophistication with eco-consciousness.

Green Cast® shines at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
The entrance of Depot Boijmans in Rotterdam, a creation of the visionary Eindhoven-based architect John Körmeling, stands as an emblematic masterpiece that captures the essence of architectural innovation. Körmeling’s design choices, including the replacement of a stone wall with glass, provide a seamless view of the magnificent depot.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Körmeling’s design is the groundbreaking detached balcony that elegantly mirrors the curvature of the depot itself. This ingenious addition serves a dual purpose, acting as both a design feature and a practical space for essential lockers. These curved lockers, adorned with laser-cut patterns, are meticulously crafted from Pyrasied’s Green Cast® acrylic and expertly fabricated by Pyrasied’s skilled craftsmen.

The unique curvature of these lockers is a testament to the endless possibilities presented by Green Cast®, going beyond ordinary functionality and becoming a canvas for creativity.

But Green Cast® doesn’t stop at mere form; it leads to stories. Within the Depot Boijmans project, Green Cast® ceases to be just a medium; it’s a storyteller. Each locker bears intricate patterns, brought to life by laser etching, creating a dance of light and shadow that elevates them to ethereal levels. These lockers hold not only possessions but narratives woven into their very structure.

What truly sets Green Cast® apart is its ability to be shaped and transformed to meet artistic visions. It’s not just a material; it evolves into a medium for expressing innovation and imagination, a fact illuminated by its remarkable presence within the Depot Boijmans. Green Cast® doesn’t merely take shape; it shapes stories, breathing life into spaces in unprecedented ways.

A Foundation for Architectural Marvels
The seamless integration of Green Cast® into architectural landscapes becomes evident, enhancing interiors of shops, stand- and set constructions, and the world of signage. Its unmatched optical brilliance breathes vitality into diverse creations, establishing itself as a cornerstone of innovative architectural design.

Embrace a world of possibilities
Within Pyrasied’s range of offerings, Green Cast® presents a plenty of options. From crystal-clear variations ranging from 3mm to 20mm to an array of 25 captivating colours available in 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm thicknesses, Green Cast® thrives on customization. Are you in need of distinct thicknesses or surfaces? Pyrasied stands ready to provide tailored solutions for projects that defy convention.

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