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- story by MaterialDistrict

This is a natural leather product available in many different kinds, colours and embossed-designs. Its interest is the combination with special foam plates of between 6 and 8 mm thickness. The foam is lightweight and soft to the touch. This means the leather tiles feel warm and generous. The material has features such as a natural look and feel due to the leather. It has extremely good sound absorbing qualities and is warm and very comfortable to the touch, so it can also be used as insulation for flooring. The leather is laminated onto foam plates of various hardness. Proprietary equipment is used for the process and installation. After the lamination, the plates are pressed by heat pressure. The softer ones will dent, while the harder foam is resistant to imprints. The leather top hides this difference from view. The leather can be embossed in various designs or a range of colours.

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