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This thick, spongy textile is a three-dimensional fabric made of 100% PET (polyethylene). The Segurova fabric is designed as an anti-erosion fabric for outside bank protection and is made of filaments of the plastic. The eco-friendly production method combined with the capability to grow plants on the fabric, should reduce the carbon footprint of the material by 90% in comparison to the conventional concrete block revetments or dikes. The material is a joint development by Unitika and the Japanese National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management.
The material is produced by using a double raschel knit (a type of warp knitting) of the polyester monofilament. The material is available in thicknesses of 30mm or more. It is produced in large rolls of 2150mm or more width, and 20m length. At 30mm thickness, its weight is 1,700±85g/m2. The Segurova fabric is specifically made for erosion protection, though other possible applications are feasible. The manufacturer also stocks a range of three dimensional fabrics with various thickness, hardness, and colour for other applications.

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