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The LED Wallpaper was designed by Ingo Maurer and Team and is made and distributed by Architects Paper.

LED wallpaper opens up new possibilities to illuminate rooms: a dimmed, enigmatic light hardly revealing where it is coming from, or a vibrant metropolitan atmosphere are just a few options.

The LED wallpaper can be hung in any number of strips and lengths according to the architecture and furnishing of a room.

It is available in lengths of 3200mm and widths of 600mm. Five pattern repeats are possible, at 640x600mm, using 48 white, 60 blue and 60 red LEDs each.

Between the repeats the wallpaper can be shortened horizontally. A LED Wallpaper set consists of an electronic ballast, including programming, and an aluminium baseboard.

Light sources per length are a total of 840 LEDs, consuming 2,5 A, approximately 60 watts at full power. It operates at both 230 or 125 volts.

Custom-made colours on request for a minimum of 15 rolls.

The non-woven wall covering is available in red, green and white (Pantone 202, Pantone 375, RAL 9010). It is also available in black with white LEDs only.

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