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ThermaGreen is made from 100% non-contaminated post industrial cross-link closed-cell polyethylene foam waste, which is physically bonded with a PET geotextile that is laminated to the foam with 100mm overlap.

The material does not contain any toxic substances, nor are any such substances used during the manufacturing process, including CFC’s and HCFC’s.

ThermaGreen is inert, environmentally friendly, resistant to mould and most chemicals including petroleum products, and it also complies with the US/Canadian drinking water quality NSF 61 test. Applications include roof gardens, building protection and drainage systems.

Other advantages of ThermaGreen are that it: reduces evaporation loss in water reservoirs and irrigation lagoons, eliminates algae growth, allows proper rainwater drainage to prevent water build up, prevents contamination from wind-blown dust and debris, helps reduce wave impact, has trouble-free installation, is light, flexible and easy to cut, qualifies for LEED (made from recycled material), is environmentally friendly (made from inert material / does not leak), is long-life (made from cross-link PE / no decomposition), is available in custom roll lengths (not 1200×2400 mm sheets) and provides thermal insulation.


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