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Lightben is a composite panel with “ultra-light weight”. The unique structure of the panel reacts with light, creating a unique semi-transparent effect, making it suitable especially
for back lighting. Variation of the Lightben with a core made of Polycarbonate are size and placement of the cylindrical cells, the external layers in clear PETG or Acrylic, a satin or glossy finishes and several standard colours. The material is available where fire resistance is required or UV protection from light coming from artificial sources or through windows or skylights.
The applications are countless: tables, partition walls, ceilings and anything
that can be made with a composite design panel.
Lightben Kaos has a core of unique and pleasantly irregular aesthetical cells.
Lightben Kaos 3d Black has black core that creates an effect where if observed perpendicularly, you can see through. At more than 30° angle you cannot see through at all.

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